Customizing the menu

By default, the features "Dashboard", "Latest Activity", "Calendar", "Everything" and "Direct Messages" are displayed in the menu on the left. Depending on the individual needs, these menu items can be hidden or displayed. However, a hiffen menu item can still be used, therefore there is no loss of functionality by hiding a feature. (The dashboard can be deactivated within the settings of the organization for all members.)

How do I customize the menu?

There are two ways to customize the menu:

  1. A click on "My Organization" opens a drop-down menu, where you need to select "Configure Menu". Then you can hide or display the individual menu items by clicking on them.
  2. By right clicking on a menu item, you are directly able to hide or display the menu items.

How do I use hidden menu items?

A hidden menu item can be accessed by clicking on "My Organization".