How to download multiple files at once

1. Downloading multiple files within the files module

Within the files module, the required files can be individually selected by clicking on them while holding down the Control key (Windows + Mac). Alternatively, multiple files can be selected with the Shift key held, whereby all files between the first and the last clicked files are selected.

After having selected all required files, they can be downloaded by right clicking on a selected file.

After multiple files have been selected, you can start the download by right clicking on a selected file and choosing "Download All". The selected files will be combined to a zip file and downloaded afterwards.

2. Downloading all files that are attached to a task

If several files have been attached to a task, they can be downloaded at once by clicking on the "More" button in the upper right corner of the task.

All files, which are attached to a task, can be downloaded at once using the "More" button.