How do I use the search?

The global search can be opened by clicking on the "magnifying glass" icon in the upper left corner or by using the shortcut "cmd" + "k" (Windows / macOS) / "ctrl" + "k" (macOS). The search will be opened as independent, central element.

Additional features of the Search

At the top of the opened search pop-up, the latest used rooms are displayed. Hereby you are able to switch quickly between rooms by using the arrow keys and pressing "Enter" to open a room. It's also possible to search for rooms by entering the first letters of a room name.

In addition to the latest used rooms, the search contains following options:

  • Archived Rooms
  • Room Templates
  • Starred Items
  • Archived Items

By clicking on these entries the respective functions can be displayed.

How to search content on Stackfield

After entering the search term, you have to select the type of entreis you want to search for. The selection of the desired search area can be done by using the arrow keys and pressing "Enter" so start the search.

The selection of the search area can be changed after having searched for an entry via the drop-down menu within the search bar. In addition, you can select whether only entries of a certain person should be displayed.

Workaround: Searching for encrypted content 

Since the global search uses a search method, which searches through the content on our servers, the results don't contain data from encrypted rooms. (The data from encrypted rooms is stored encrypted on Stackfield's servers, which means that it is not known which content is behind the cryptic entries. Stackfield doesn not have access to the encryption keys of the users, so decrypting the data on the servers is not possible!)

Instead, the feature "Everything" and the search bar within it can be used to search for encrypted content. That search is a function that filters the content that has already been decrypted locally and is already displayed in the browser. By filtering the decrypted content, you are able to search for encrypted data.