Working with Discussions

The communication-module offers great possibilites to exchange information quickly, but it's rather hard to track these information down after a long time or to discuss a topic over a long period. For that purpose the module "Discussions" can be used. 

Creating a new Discussion

Option 1 - Communication Module

For a seamless transition between a message in the communication module to a discussion, the "answer" feature can be used. This feature appears when the cursor is moved over a message. Clicking on the "Reply" arrow / button will create a new discussion if that module has been activated. Alternatively, this featured can also be opened by right-clicking on a message. The new discussion will use the text of the message as the title.

Option 2 - Discussions Module

Within the Discussions module, a new Discussion can be started by clicking on the button "Add Discussion" in the upper right corner. 

Working with Discussions 

Features of a new Discussion

A new Discussion has a title and (optional) a description. In addition, there are three different states for the Discussion: "On Hold", "In Progress", and "Final". This makes it possible to see whether the discussion has a final result or is still going on. To simplify the work with Discussions, files can also be attached and labels can be assigned.

Course of a Discussion

After a new Discussion has been saved for the first, it needs to be re-opened to start it. In the lower part of the Discussion, there is now a text input field for comments by which the discussion topic can be answered. The comments are always displayed chronologically. As soon as a Discussion is finalized or a consensus has been found, the status of the Discussion can be changed.