User roles in an organization

Each user in an organization can be assigned to different user roles and user rights. Through these roles can be regulated who can access the content and features of an organization or who is allowed to edit the settings.

User Roles


An adminstrator manages the settings and user of an organization.


A member can be added to rooms and work in these. In addition, he can use all features of the organization.


A guest can be added to rooms and work in these, but has no access to the features of the organization. Receommended when working with external staff or freelancers.

Rights of user roles

Feature Guest Member Admin
Working in rooms x x x
Creation of rooms x x
Creation of directed messages x x
Dashboard x x
Latest Activity x x
Seeing organization logo x x
Seeing all members of an organization x x
Adding guests to an organization x x
Using the global search x x
Editing the settings of an organization x
Managing the users of an organization x

Adding users to an organization

A detailed description on how to add an user to an organization can be found here:

Changing the role of a user

Within the settings of the organization you'll find an overview of all team members. This overview displays, besides the name and the statstics, the user role for each user. By clicking on the current role, you can change the role.

The user role can be changed at any time.