Referral Program - Participation Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invite persons to Stackfield?

There are several ways how you can invite persons to Stackfield: On the one hand you can use the predefined or individual texts to share Stackfield on Facebook or Twitter, on the other hand you can send the provided link to the persons, who you want to invite.

Which persons are counted as my referrals?

Each person, who clicks on your link and registers on Stackfield within 30 days, is associated with your account. After clicking the link, the person does not have to register directly and can return later to register a new account on Stackfield.

How do I receive the 10% discount?

As soon as 5 persons have signed up through your link, you will get a voucher code. This code needs to be added to the payment information of your organization. Beginning with the next payment, your costs will be reduced by 10%.

Can I apply the discount for payments that have already been made?

The discount can not be applied retrospectively to already debited payments. The voucher code is valid for the payments that will occur in the future, but not for payments that have been made in the past.

Participation Conditions

Each user receives a voucher code if 5 persons have registered on Stackfield using the provided individual link. An user will receive a maximum of one voucher code.

All registrations through referral links will be reviewed by Stackfield. Stackfield reserves the right to exclude individual users from the referral program. This will especially be done if an user registers new accounts using throw away e-mail addresses.

A disbursement of the granted discount over 10% is not possible. For any organization, only one coupon code can be redeemed.